Peer 2 Peer

Booker T. Washington High School’s own peer to peer tutoring program.

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Do you need help with homework, class lessons, AP or IB tests, ACT or SAT tests, class scheduling, or any academic advice? For questions big or small, ask a fellow hornet! After all, hornets don’t buzz alone!

Peer2Peer is a student-run peer tutoring organization built on the core improvement of academic strength throughout Booker T. A project of BTW’s own National Honor Society, its fundamental purpose is to aid students who cannot otherwise find the help they need – whether that be with homework, testing, or general academic tips.


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Peer2Peer is going virtual for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year. Need help with the coronavirus? See BTW newspaper’s page at


Any time! During this virtual year, Peer2Peer will connect you to a qualified tutor. Together, you will create a plan for when & how to meet virtually. That might be over video call, phone call, text message, or even email.


Peer 2 Peer connects students at BTW to help each other. Together, we work towards improving the academic strength of every one of our peers at BTW. The process looks different for everyone: some go to meet friends from their classes to work together, some know exactly who they want to work with before they arrive, and some connect to a potential peer through This website aims to ease the Peer 2 Peer process by connecting you with a student who has done well in the subject you are studying. We hope that you find this easy to use!


Never be afraid to ask if you don’t understand something! Even if it’s the tiniest question, teachers and tutors will be glad to answer it.

Come with specific assignments, tests, and topics which you need help in. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to find help.

If you don’t understand, ask again. If you don’t understand, ask again. If you still don’t understand, ask again. Your peers are at P2P to help you! Don’t worry about annoying us.